Cracking the Code: How to Make Money Dropshipping in 2023

How to Make Money Dropshipping

If you want to make money dropshipping, you need more than a good idea. You need determination and a willingness to learn. 

Building a flashy website and dropping a ton of cash on marketing isn’t going to do much for you if you don’t have the drive to succeed.

And that’s not all. The best Ecommerce businesses find the perfect audience to sell to, build a strong brand, develop a smooth sales process, and optimize like crazy.

So, can dropshipping earn you money? Yes. 

How much? That depends on you. You need to put in the work and have the right strategy in place.

So how do dropshippers make money? How long does it take to start generating income through dropshipping? What’s the secret to making dropshipping profitable long term?

That’s a whole lotta questions – but stick with us to get the answers.

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Can Dropshipping Make You Rich?

We often get asked, “Can dropshipping make you a millionaire?”

The short answer is yes. And we’re proof of that.

Seven years ago, Ben was a forklift driver at a big box distribution center. He hated going to work every day. He was $40,000 in consumer debt and living paycheck to paycheck. 

With Ecommerce, Ben learned a whole new way of working and living. He built multiple incredibly profitable high ticket dropshipping businesses. Today, he’s exited several of those companies, including one that sold for seven figures. The forklift driver job is in his rearview mirror – all thanks to dropshipping.

Now we want every person reading this article to learn how to start their own high ticket dropshipping business and experience this kind of abundance. 

We want dropshipping to change your life, too, if that’s the direction you want to go. 

So yes, dropshipping can make you rich. It can even make you a millionaire – but like any business, it will take consistent effort.

And it will only happen if you’re willing to take that first step and get started (the good news is that we can show you exactly how to make money dropshipping).

How Long Does It Take to Make Money Dropshipping?

Well, that depends. 

Factors like your effort, the market, and the products you choose to sell will all affect your results.

If you’re giving it 110% – calling each person who abandons their cart, answering all customer inquiries, and consistently promoting your store – you’ll likely see results sooner.

But remember: Quick profitability doesn’t guarantee long-term success. Some people start fast and then hit a plateau – while others take their time only to pull ahead of their competitors in the long run. So think about your long-term business goals, not just immediate gains.

Dropshipping isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s about acquiring essential business skills and setting yourself up for long-term positive change. Investing in a good dropshipping course is worth it to establish a solid foundation.

Some people start with dropshipping and then pivot to other business models using what they’ve learned from their first Ecommerce venture. 

Aim to learn continuously and leverage your skills in different business scenarios.

How Do Dropshippers Make Money?

Making money from dropshipping does take some effort – but the good news is that it’s not rocket science. There’s a simple system you can use to launch your own high ticket dropshipping business and start making sales the smart way. 

We’ll go through a summary of the steps here, but if you want the full details, sign up for our FREE training about how you can get started with dropshipping in 30 days or less.

Identify a Profitable Niche Filled with Enthusiastic Customers

It’s crucial that you identify a profitable niche where you can sell products that people want to spend a substantial amount of money on.

But rather than focus on what products you want to sell, we encourage you to think about your potential customers first. Before you even think about the items you’ll dropship. 

Customer relationships are the foundation of a successful high ticket dropshipping business. When you value the people you serve more than just making a quick sale, you’ll lay the foundation for a loyal customer base that supports your business.

So when picking a niche, look for enthusiast communities with dedicated and passionate members. These people purchase products they want, not just those they need – and they’re often ready and willing to pay premium prices for the right items.

Here are some other things to consider when evaluating potentially profitable dropshipping niches:

  • Competition: A little competition is healthy and means there’s a demand for your product. But having too many competitors makes it difficult to differentiate your brand and stand out in the market. Aim for a balance, ideally having fewer than 15 direct competitors.
  • Market size: How many people are searching for your product? Use tools like Google Trends to gauge search volume. A healthy average is around 20,000 searches per month.
  • Local suppliers: You should find at least 10 local suppliers for your potential niche. This will provide you with enough options for sourcing your product and can be a sign of a healthy industry. Keep reading to find out more about finding local suppliers.
  • Evergreen product: Prioritize high ticket products with a consistent and long-term presence in the market. These evergreen products have proven their demand over time, so they can provide a stable foundation for your business.
  • Repeat revenue potential: Does the niche have the potential for repeat purchases or upselling related products? Choose a niche that offers ongoing revenue opportunities.
how to start a high ticket dropshipping business.

Want to start your own high ticket dropshipping business?

Watch this FREE, on-demand training session that will uncover the exact steps you need to take to launch your first high ticket dropshipping business in the next 30 days.

Find High-Quality Dropshipping Suppliers

Once you’ve identified your niche, it’s time to find dropshipping suppliers for your product.

Start by searching for your product in Google and pairing it with transactional search terms like “for sale,” “buy,” or “purchase.” Examine the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or go to Google Shopping and start exploring.

Look for the brands behind the products you find online. Many brands have sections on their website about becoming a dealer or seller.

Learn to recognize resellers that often stock a lot of brands on one site, without including branding or detailed information. Look for terms like “dropshipping,” “no minimum order,” “become a dealer,” or “reseller program” that indicates you’re looking at a reseller.

Once you’ve found potential brands, contact them directly. Express your interest in selling their products and explain how you’ll add value to their company by creating a professional website, using content marketing, and optimizing your store for search.

Setting up Your Online Store Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Huge platforms like Amazon are often the go-to for new dropshippers, who think it’s a quick way to access millions of customers – without the hassle of building a website.

Don’t make that dropshipping mistake!

We always recommend against spending your time building a business on a third-party marketplace. These platforms can change their policies at any time, leaving you with little control over your business. Not to mention the fact that they’re flooded with low-cost products – not ideal for high ticket niches.

In high ticket dropshipping, you need your own website. You can build it yourself on Shopify, which makes it really easy to set up a professional-looking, functional Ecommerce site.

Here’s a 3-step plan for getting your online store up and running for under $500:

1. Register your domain name

Your website is your business base. Start by checking if your preferred name is available. Once you find an available domain, purchase and register it. A platform like Namecheap makes domain registration simple.

2. Get hosting

While there are many hosting platforms, Shopify is our top pick. It’s the leading Ecommerce platform and won’t break the bank. Sign up for a Shopify account, start experimenting, and set up your store.

3. Choose a Shopify theme

With your Shopify account ready, it’s time to pick a theme. This will shape your store’s look and user experience. For new dropshippers, we recommend the Superstore from Out of the Sandbox. If you sign up for our course, you’ll get Superstore free of charge!

Hang Your Shingle and Bring in the Traffic

Once your online store is up and running, it’s time to start bringing people through the front door!

Here are some of the best ways to do that:

  • Paid traffic: You can start making money dropshipping almost as soon as you launch, using paid traffic sources. This involves paying to promote products or content on platforms like Google Ads, Bing, YouTube, and other social media.
    Google Ads alone can provide all the traffic you need in the beginning. If you’re not careful, it can get costly – but your first sales will feel incredibly motivating. Check out this podcast episode for a deeper dive on how we use Google Ads for dropshipping.
  • SEO and content marketing: Organic search traffic is a long-term strategy that snowballs into traffic and sales over time. Consistent, valuable content positions you as an authority in your niche and will eventually bring in customers.
    Start creating and sharing high-quality, informative content like blog posts, how-to guides, podcasts, videos, or social media posts. But while you wait for this strategy to pay off… paid traffic will be your lifeline!
  • Join niche communities: Look for ways to actively participate in communities related to your product. Take the time to follow discussions and offer your advice. This may result in one or two extra sales each month, but it accumulates, especially if you’re selling high ticket items (and you are selling high ticket dropshipping products, right?).
  • Go above and beyond for every customer: Surpass customers’ expectations by adding value to purchases, like throwing in surprise add-ons, how-to guides, or useful tips related to the product. This will create positive word-of-mouth about your brand, which is one of the most effective promotional tools you have for your dropshipping business.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: Leverage other people’s audiences by partnering with others in your niche who share your ideal customer but don’t directly compete with you. These relationships can lead to collaborative projects and reciprocal promotions, which can add up to more and more sales.

Fine-Tune and Optimize Your Dropshipping Store

In Ecommerce, things change fast. To keep up, you need to update and test your website regularly. This could be as simple as adjusting product descriptions, images, or the layout of your site to improve user experience.

Staying current is also key. Watch market trends and adapt to meet new customer needs and preferences. Optimize your marketing strategy, too. Don’t limit yourself to one channel. Try new ones, analyze results, and adjust accordingly.

You can also optimize your product pages, which are the most critical elements of your dropshipping store.

Here are five ways you can improve the performance of all the product pages in your store:

  1. Create an intriguing blurb at the top of the page. When visitors visit your website, they don’t want to spend a lot of time scrolling. Add an enticing blurb to the top of your product page to grab their interest.
  2. Highlight the problem the product solves. When potential customers land on your page, they’re looking for solutions to their problems. They’re not interested in buying your product – they want the outcome they’ll get from purchasing it. Identify the main issue your product addresses and create copy that highlights your solution and why it’s unique. For example, if you’re selling a robotic lawnmower, your hook could be “Never mow your lawn again.”
  3. Craft engaging headlines. Great headlines play a critical role in convincing visitors to stay on your page or make a purchase. Your headlines should tell a story about your product, and be optimized for SEO.
  4. Display shipping and return policies clearly. Don’t expect customers to navigate away from your product pages to find shipping and return information – spell it out for them.
  5. Use unique content on your product pages. Pictures in your descriptions and User Generated Content (UGC) can bring life to your product pages. If you can get customers to send you videos or images of the products in use, it gives your brand authenticity and makes it more likely people will buy. Visuals like this support your headlines and tell the story of your product – making your pages more interesting for readers.

How You Can Make Money Dropshipping

Dropshipping can be a solid income source. We’ve both built multiple high-profit dropshipping businesses using these exact systems, and so have 100s of our students.

The tips in this article will help show you how to make money dropshipping – and turn it into a reliable stream of income that enables you to reach your goals.

Want more help? Check out our free training session, which shows you how to start your own dropshipping business in just 30 days!

how to start a high ticket dropshipping business.

Want to start your own high ticket dropshipping business?

Watch this FREE, on-demand training session that will uncover the exact steps you need to take to launch your first high ticket dropshipping business in the next 30 days.

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