High Ticket Dropshipping Products: What to Sell in 2023

Today, we’re delving into one of the most essential aspects of dropshipping: Choosing the right products to sell.

Most people start by typing “best high ticket dropshipping products” into a search engine and getting countless results promising 25 of the Greatest Products to Dropship or 140 Sure-fire Dropshipping Winners, or … well you get the idea.

You might think, “Awesome! Just recommend the best high ticket dropshipping products for 2023, and I’ll be on my way.”

high-ticket dropshipping products

Hold on a second!

Randomly picking items from a list made by someone else may be tempting, but it’s far from ideal. And we certainly don’t recommend it.

We’ll even go a step further and say that picking from a pre-made list of products to sell is a terrible idea. Like really terrible.

Hundreds of aspiring dropshippers are all using the same search term you did.

Getting the same list you did.

And now, choosing the same item you did.

Fantastic, you’ll jump into a fiercely competitive space and wonder why your business isn’t working.

Instead, to get your Ecommerce business up and thriving, think strategically. Go beyond the price tag and consider factors like market demand (demand capture – if you haven’t noticed, it’s a thing with us), competition, and supplier reliability.

Having a strategy will always trump an unverified list of random products. That’s why we want to share our proven methods to help you find high ticket dropshipping products that will work for your business.

Let’s dive in!

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Why High Ticket Products?

We’re all about high ticket dropshipping – products that sell from $800 and up. 

Here’s why: Suppose you make a 30% profit on every sale. As a dropshipper, you put the same effort into selling everything, from a $30 to a $3,000 item. But wouldn’t you prefer a $900 profit from the high ticket product rather than chase after tons of low-cost sales for a measly $90?

If you need more reasons why we’re fans of high ticket vs. low ticket dropshipping:

  • It’s a less crowded space, offering a better chance of finding a profitable niche while low ticket dropshippers compete in a cutthroat environment.
  • You sell products from recognizable brands in your country instead of low-quality unknowns from China.
  • Customers already know the brands, so you don’t need to do any heavy lifting to create demand. You’re working with demand capture.
  • These brands usually mean superior products and excellent after-sales support, resulting in happier customers and more referral business.
  • High ticket items cost more because they’re reliable, better quality, and do what they promise. For you, this means fewer returns, refunds, disgruntled customers, and legal issues.
  • Since you don’t need to sell as many products to achieve solid revenue, you can focus on promoting premium products rather than constantly hunting for new low-cost items for your catalog.

Finding and sourcing the right high ticket products might require more effort, but the potential rewards still make dropshipping worth it.

Just Getting Started With Your Product Search?

If you’re brand new to dropshipping, it’s a bit overwhelming. At this point, you either have way too many ideas swirling around your head – or zero ideas. 

Here’s the most valuable advice we can offer to kick-start your product search:

Source High Ticket Dropshipping Items

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Selling a $1,000 product is as easy as selling a $100 product, but you have to sell 10x times more low-cost products to make the same profit. Crazy!

Be Genuinely Interested in Your Niche

Building a business can be a grind. You have to keep pushing forward daily, even when the results aren’t there. It’s grow or die.

Imagine how much easier it will be to maintain enthusiasm and energy when it involves your passion. You’ll research products you’re interested in, engage with like-minded suppliers, build a captivating website, and become a go-to source of information for potential customers.

Do the Touchpoint Test

Starting today, take note of the items around you. Which ones are worth $800 or more? Jot them down and create your list.

Seek ideas everywhere. Become observant and thoughtful. How do these products make you feel? Would you buy them? What do your friends and family buy in that price range?

Keep adding items to your list, and think about the people you’d most likely sell them to.

Finally, don’t chase the cash when looking for the best products. Instead, pursue the fulfillment and happiness they bring, and aim to build an Ecommerce business that excites you every day.

Where to Find High Ticket Dropshipping Product Ideas

Finding high ticket dropshipping products to sell is your first challenge. So let’s set you on the right path by providing a few ways to source product ideas online.

  • Wayfair.com: Did you know Wayfair was once hundreds of small Ecommerce stores dropselling high ticket items before being combined? It’s a great source of inspiration. You’ll find tons of ideas by clicking on each tab – Outdoor, Lighting, Kitchen, etc. But focus on the high ticket niches that get your motor running; otherwise, you’ll get lost in the weeds. 
  • Amazon and eBay: Don’t forget the other big retail sites like Amazon and eBay. While they sell many low-cost items, you can filter by price to get to the high ticket products.
  • Explore Activities and Enthusiasts: Search Google for lists of hobbies and activities. You’ll find hundreds, from bell ringing to weaving. Now research the equipment that bell ringers or weavers buy, priced over $800. Stay open to unusual niche products, like commercial trash cans, that may seem weird initially.

You should have a ton of ideas by now. So it’s time to work out which offers the best opportunities.

how to start a high ticket dropshipping business.

Want to start your own high ticket dropshipping business?

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7 Ways to Evaluate High Ticket Product Potential

Use these criteria and research tips to evaluate high ticket products. If a product meets all seven requirements, it’s good to go!

Let’s walk through the seven steps using infrared saunas as our example.

1. Is it the Right Price?

Can you sell your product for $800+?

Research: Enter infrared sauna into Google’s ‘Shopping’ tab, and you’ll see all the related saunas advertised by online retailers. This will show how much the products sell for, the competition you face, and so on.

Firstly, you’re looking for the price. Are they, on average, $800 or more? If not, move on to your next idea.

high ticket dropshipping products infrared sauna

2. Is There Too Much Competition?

You want some competition because that means people are buying the product, but you don’t want too much. In the US, look for less than 15 direct online competitors per product.

Research: Look for the retailer’s name on the search results. You’ll find it in blue under each product. At the bottom of some entries, you can also compare prices offered by the retailers selling that particular item. So you can tell at a glance which products are being sold by more than 15 retailers.

In the case of infrared saunas, there are just enough competitors to show it’s a profitable niche (a lot of them wouldn’t be running paid ads if it wasn’t), but not more than 15 selling the same product. So, that’s a tick.

high ticket dropshipping competitors

3. Does it Fit an Enthusiast’s Market?

Enthusiasts buy all kinds of products (many of them very expensive) to enhance their enjoyment of an interest or passion.

Evaluation Measure: Are you selling products people want to (rather than have to) buy? For instance, cycling enthusiasts might want a $1500 disc brake front wheel, but they don’t have to own one to ride their bike.

Research: You’ll have to use your judgment, but ask yourself: “Do people need this product?” In the case of infrared saunas, the answer is no. People want them to improve their health but don’t need one to live a healthy life. So, it’s a product for health enthusiasts – another tick.

needs vs wants vs demands

4. Is the Market Big Enough?

Once you find a market, you have to determine whether or not it’s big enough to support your potential Ecommerce business.

Evaluation Measure: You want to ensure enough people search Google for your product niche. On average, it takes around 20,000 searches a month in the US to warrant high ticket dropshipping items.

Research: Download a nifty extension called Keyword Surfer to discover how many people search for different products. Go to the Chrome web store, search for Keyword Surfer, click ‘Add to Chrome,’ and it’ll pop up as a little icon on the right-hand side of your toolbar. 

Now type infrared sauna into the main Google search page. Keyword Surfer creates a popup box showing all the search terms related to ‘infrared sauna’ and the number of people searching for those exact terms.

You’re looking for a minimum of 20,000 a month. Even if it’s not quite 20,000, combining the results from related search terms, such as ‘infrared sauna for sale’ and ‘infrared sauna portable,’ is perfectly acceptable to bring the results closer to 20,000.

search volume dropshipping niches

5. Are There Enough Suppliers?

Can you identify at least 10 suppliers in your product niche based in your country?

Research: Return to the original search results for infrared saunas in the shopping tab and check out some of your competitors’ online stores.

First, identify a product you like the look of and click through to the retailer’s site. Look for their full range to see which brands of saunas they offer. Now do the same for the other competitors, and see what brands they have listed.

If you can identify more than 10 different brand names across all the retailers, you know you have enough suppliers in your country.

Read more: How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

6. Is the Product Evergreen?

You want to avoid brand-new or fad products because you don’t know their future potential. Instead, you need well-established and proven products to build a reliable Ecommerce business.

Research: To decide if your market niche is long-term, use a tool called Google Trends. Set it to your country, change the range to ‘Past 5 years,’ and enter ‘infrared sauna.’ 

Google Trends measures the search activity and scores it from zero to 100 (with 100 being very high interest). 

Here’s what you’re looking for:

  • Dramatic rises and falls: There will always be peaks and troughs, but if the interest has suddenly gone from zero to 100 and back down again quickly, that’s a red flag.
  • Consistency: Ideally, you want to see a reasonably consistent level of interest, with the occasional peak.
  • Robust Baseline: If the baseline has been slowly increasing over the past five years, that’s a good sign that more people are searching for your product.

These indicators tell you that interest in your niche isn’t waning, and you can feel good about building your new dropshipping business around an evergreen product.

trend of dropshipping niche

7. Does the Product Have Recurring Revenue Potential?

Will customers buy more than one of your products over time? Or can you think of other products in the same niche that you can upsell?

Research: In the case of infrared saunas, people are unlikely to buy a second one. But they might buy another product related to saunas, such as an ice bath or heated towel rail.

The quickest way to research related items is to go back to your competitors’ websites to see what other things they sell in your niche category and add them to your product line.

niche with related items

Still Stuck on Niche Selection?

By now, we hope your brain’s buzzing with ideas, and you’re itching to start the search for your new high ticket dropshipping items.

But if you still feel a bit stuck, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most newcomers to dropshipping think they’ve only got one shot, and if they get it wrong, it’s all over. But that’s just not true.

There’s no perfect niche or undiscovered product waiting to be found.

Research and hard work will lead you to first-rate high-ticket dropshipping products. From there, with minimal cost to start, you’ll naturally evolve and pivot as you grow.

The important thing is to enjoy the journey!

But, if you’re still wavering, this program will help you find your first profitable high ticket dropshipping products in just five days so you can create the business and life you want.

how to start a high ticket dropshipping business.

Want to start your own high ticket dropshipping business?

Watch this FREE, on-demand training session that will uncover the exact steps you need to take to launch your first high ticket dropshipping business in the next 30 days.

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