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Learn How To Build & Grow A Life-Changing High Ticket Dropshipping Business

Quickly learn how to build a profitable ecommerce business even if you have ZERO online business experience.

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How High Ticket Dropshipping Works

how does high ticket dropshipping work
  • Find The Right Products.

    Using a specific research process we uncover high ticket products (average price $1000+) that can be sold to customers in your country which are sourced from local suppliers in the same country. No more dropshipping cheap sh#t from China.

  • Build A Professional Website That Sells

    Once you've identified your market you build a website to a specific formula that will turn prospective customers into profitable customers when you launch.

  • Get Approved By Suppliers

    Using a specific call script you call local suppliers that manufacture or distribute your target products and gain their approval to sell their products through your site. Once you have approval, you upload their products to your site, ready to sell.

  • Send Customers To Your Store

    Using the Dropship Breakthru complete high ticket dropship marketing system you send people who are searching to buy your type of products to your website. You will primarily use a combination of Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and Affiliates to attract customers to your site. 

  • Customers Will Buy Your Products

    Thanks to your fantastic website, customers will start to buy your products. When a customer places an order you get the full sale price sent to your bank account. Once that happens, you place an order for the product with your supplier at your special price. It's not unusual to net $500 per sale. 

  • The Customer's Order Is Delivered

    Once all the money stuff is sorted out, the product is delivered to your customer's home directly from the supplier's warehouse. You never touch or see the product. Delivery can take as little as 2 days.

Here's what you will learn inside Dropship Breakthru...

  • How To Find The Right Market

    You will learn in step-by-step fashion our proven research method for identifying the right market to sell in with products that customers want to buy. Our team will even verify this for you to make sure you're on the right track.

  • How To Build A Brand And An Ecommerce Website That Sells

    Even if you are a complete beginner you will be able to build a professional ecommerce website on the Shopify platform with our detailed, step-by-step video guide. You will feel like a certified tech genius after you knock this one off...

  • How To Get Approved By The Best Suppliers

    You will learn the right way to have a conversation with local suppliers that will result in you being approved by a majority to sell their products online. You will be able to buy products at wholesale or better pricing.

  • How To Upload and Optimize Your Products

    We'll show you and walk you through positioning your products so that you are doing a better job than your competition of selling your products. Better sales skills = more money.

  • How To Implement Online Marketing To Attract Customers

    You will be able to roll out a cutting edge online marketing system using multiple marketing channels to send targeted website traffic (read customers) to your website. These are life skills that once you are proficient in, other people will PAY YOU to do the same for them.

  • How To Build A Life Changing Ecommerce Business

    Ultimately, with a little hard work and persistence you will have learnt how to build a business that could help you get control of your time and finances and live life on your terms. This is just the start of the journey, you will also now possess skills that can be applied in many other online businesses. The online world is your oyster!

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, my name is Jon Warren.

I started high ticket dropshipping in 2014 and haven't looked back since. My first business, Chic Chandeliers, grew to 7 figures in annual revenue.

I was able to quit my 50+ hours per week day job and take control of my time and finances.

Since then I haven't looked back...

  • I've grown multiple 7+ figure high ticket dropshipping businesses

  • I've coached over 400 high ticket dropship business owners

  • I've managed over $5M in ad spend and generated more than $20M in online sales

  • I continue to build and grow high ticket dropshipping sites. I like to get my hands dirty!

jon warren founder of dropship breakthru

Reviews Of Jon Warren & Dropship Breakthru

Please note, Dropship Breakthru was previously known as Build Sell Grow Repeat.

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    The step by step guide to implementing a complete marketing system to grow your new high ticket dropshipping store from $0 to 7+ figures in annual revenue. Valued at $1297.

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  • The Dropship Breakthru Double Down Guarantee

    I stand by the Dropship Breakthru system. If you are unhappy with the product in the first 30 days and can demonstrate you have chosen a niche, build a website, put together a supplier list but don't want to continue, we'll happily give you a full refund. 

    If you follow the complete program and don't recoup your investment within 6 months we will also refund the cost of the program.

    Finally, if you make your first $100,000 in revenue using the Dropship Breakthru system and are willing to share your story, we'll also refund you the full cost of the program.

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