Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores: Are They Worth It?

Pre-built dropshipping stores

Considering giving your Ecommerce business a jumpstart with a pre-built dropshipping store? 

We get it.

Stepping into a ready-to-go shop is enticing. 

But some major challenges come with the prefab approach.

Let’s pull back the curtain on pre-built dropshipping stores. We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of turnkey dropshipping sites, show you what to watch out for, and review the top vendors in this very crowded marketplace.

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What Is a Pre-Built Dropshipping Store?

A pre-built dropshipping store (also known as a turnkey store) is an online shop set up by someone else. It’s “done for you,” including design elements. The store comes pre-loaded with dropshipping products. Picture it as a business that’s ready to go as soon as you buy it.

Purchasing a pre-built dropshipping store is a way to launch an online business without having to start from scratch. Basically, you get to skip the technical and logistical set-up. Simple as that.

We’re making a distinction here, though, between buying a new store pre-built by a company and buying an existing business with a customer base, revenue, and relationships with suppliers. 

This article focuses primarily on pre-built dropshipping businesses that are brand new.

The Advantages of Buying a Pre-Built Dropshipping Business

Let’s dive into the advantages of the turnkey approach to launching a dropshipping store.

Save Time by Bypassing the Build

A pre-built dropshipping store cuts out hours (if not days) of preparation and decision-making. You can eliminate tasks like designing layouts, curating products, establishing relationships with suppliers, and configuring settings.

Simple Start: No Tech Expertise Needed

The beauty of a pre-built dropshipping store is its simplicity. 

You don’t need to be a tech whiz (or hire a developer) to build an attractive, highly functional Ecommerce site.

The technical aspects, from site setup to integrations, are handled for you. Your role? Run the business.

But keep in mind that you might get stuck with some limitations you’ll regret later on!

Business in a Box: Start Selling Instantly

One of the prime advantages of a pre-built dropshipping store is that you can launch it immediately.

You can skip ahead to marketing and selling, without needing to navigate the initial challenges of setup, design, or product sourcing. With a pre-built option, all the foundational work is done. It’s like walking into a furnished house instead of building one. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be happy and successful in your new house! If you bypass the construction phase, you’ll still need to figure out how to make money dropshipping.

Get a Customized Store That Suits Your Individual Needs

A pre-built dropshipping store doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-all solution. Some providers offer customization options. They can design the store based on your preferences, target audience, or niche market.

You Can Spend Time Focusing on Other Things

Instead of juggling multiple startup tasks, you can focus on what matters most: getting customers and making sales to grow your business.

With the store’s foundation solidly in place, you can refine your branding, dive deep into market research, or build stronger supplier relationships. 

Though, you could be putting the cart before the horse if you get a site pre-built, if you haven’t done your homework on the market, customer base, and potential suppliers.

The Disadvantages of Buying a Turnkey Dropshipping Site

While a pre-built dropshipping store offers some convenience, you also need to consider the downsides. Here’s a closer look at the potential challenges you might face.

Ready to Go: But With a Steep Price Tag

Opting for a pre-built dropshipping store usually comes with a higher upfront cost. 

While it saves you setup time when you go pre-built, you’re essentially paying for someone else’s expertise and labor. Like all investments, you should weigh the price against potential returns and your budget. How much will you have to sell to break even and start making money on this investment? And how long do you realistically expect that to take?

Beware of Scams

The demand for quick-start Ecommerce businesses has led to a surge in companies offering pre-built dropshipping stores. But not all of them are legitimate. 

Some unscrupulous sellers might offer low-quality sites or, worse, take your money and run.You’re likely going to get a cookie site that looks the same as the dozens of others they’ve built for others. Not ideal!

Do thorough research, read reviews, and validate the seller’s credibility before handing over your credit card.

Bargain Price, Bargain Quality?

The adage “you get what you pay for” often rings true regarding pre-built dropshipping businesses.

Some cheaper options might not be user-friendly, have glaring grammatical errors, or lack essential features. These oversights could affect your business’s image and operation. And at least one of the platforms below are platforms where you also source all the products. So you’re potentially limited to low-quality (low ticket) products.

Lost in the Crowd: The Uniformity Dilemma

Standing out is critical when you’re trying to establish a foothold in the Ecommerce marketplace.

Most pre-built dropshipping stores look the same. Using templated designs can make your store look eerily similar to countless others. With no unique brand presence and a hearty splash of your personality, it’s hard to distinguish yourself from competitors and build a loyal customer base.

If you want to resonate with your audience and be memorable, having a store that looks exactly like your competitors isn’t the best route.

That doesn’t mean you need a bespoke, custom site design – the templates in site builders like Shopify are easy to customize and make your own.

Skipping the Learning Curve: A Double-Edged Sword

Starting with a pre-built dropshipping store might seem like a great shortcut, but there’s a catch. 

By bypassing the setup phase, you miss out on gaining critical skills essential for running a successful online business. Understanding the ins and outs of dropshipping – from product sourcing to site optimization – is invaluable. 

Knowing the nuts and bolts of running your business will make you more resilient and flexible when the going gets tough. 

Should I Buy a Pre-Built Dropshipping Business?

The idea of a ready-made online store is tempting: instant entry into Ecommerce without setup hassles. But is it the best choice? Often, no.

Authenticity is hard to replicate with a pre-built store. Plus, many options are either subpar or scams. Instead of risking your funds, you’re better off investing time in mastering the trade and building your own store.

The hands-on knowledge you gain won’t just help you with dropshipping. It will set you up for success in all your future Ecommerce ventures.

We recommend building your store. You’ll learn the skills you need, ensure your brand is genuine, and avoid the pitfalls of prefab options.

The 5 Golden Rules for Investing in a Pre-Built Dropshipping Business

Have you decided to purchase a pre-built dropshipping store? 

If you’re set on this path, be aware that many ready-made stores are upsells from companies that sell dropshipping courses. Navigate this territory cautiously, and use these tips to make the most of your investment.

Hire a Copywriter that Speaks to the Person, Not the Purchase

Every click on your store comes from a real person with specific needs and desires. It’s easy to get caught up in showcasing products. But if you’re going to be successful at dropshipping, you’ll need to address the person behind the keyboard.

Hiring a professional copywriter ensures your site content goes beyond simple product listings and meets your customers’ needs and expectations.

A skilled writer can help you craft messages that resonate with your audience’s emotions, needs, and aspirations. Remember, in Ecommerce, you’re not just selling stuff – you’re serving up solutions and experiences. You can build relationships and drive conversions by focusing on how you benefit the user, not just what you sell.

Ask for Coding Instruction

The backend of your store – especially the coding – is its foundation. Without a clear understanding of how your site is structured and how to make changes, updating your site can be a real pain.

If you buy a pre-built dropshipping store, ask the seller to provide detailed Loom videos or similar tutorials explaining their coding choices. These instructional guides will be invaluable when you need to tweak the site (and inevitably, you will need to tweak it!).

Look for Growth Potential

A pre-built dropshipping store should be more than just a pretty storefront. You need to see potential for growth. 

As you shop around, prioritize stores with room for expansion through SEO and content marketing.

A store optimized for search engines can be a magnet for potential customers. And content marketing – whether through blogs, videos, or podcasts – helps establish authority in your niche and keeps your audience engaged.

Selecting a store with SEO and content marketing potential means you won’t always have to rely on paid advertising. When assessing pre-built stores, think beyond the initial setup and look for a platform that will grow with you and pay off long-term.

Prioritize Sites With SOPs

If you’re buying an established dropshipping business that someone else is running, look for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These are a playbook for the business that details the how-to for every operation and process.

Why SOPs matter:

  • Save time and make a smooth transition: SOPs ensure a seamless handover from the seller to you so you can pick up running the site without interruption.
  • Scalability: With established procedures, training new team members or outsourcing tasks is easier. You have a clear training document to onboard efficiently.
  • Consistency: SOPs provide a consistent approach to tasks, which can be crucial for maintaining quality and giving customers a great experience.

Harness Existing Expertise

There’s a distinct advantage to buying a dropshipping business that comes with an established team.

It’s not just about having extra hands on deck. When you inherit a team, you get a wealth of knowledge and experience tied to that specific business. Team members familiar with the business already know its ins and outs. You won’t waste time grappling with uncertainties when there’s a crew ready to guide you.

Existing team members often have established relationships with suppliers, customers, or partners, and they can make sure these relationships remain strong as you take the helm. The team can also offer invaluable feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to work on to improve the business.

Where to Buy a Pre-Built Dropshipping Business

If you opt to do this, we recommend that you buy a pre-built dropshipping business that is already profitable. You can find out more about these in our FB group, our ELITE membership area, Empire Flippers, Quiet Light Brokerage, and MAYBE Flippa.

There are other platforms to choose from, and while we don’t recommend them – we’ll still give you the run down.


Wholesale2B is a source for finding a wide array of products that can integrate with your existing storefront. It also offers a service to build a site for you, pre-loaded with products.


  • Diverse product range: Wholesale2B has a vast selection of products, so you can find almost anything you want to sell.
  • Integrated solutions: The platform integrates with several Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. This can simplify your product listing process.


  • Membership fees: Wholesale2B charges $37-49 per month for access to their platform. You’ll need to pay these fees as long as your store is active.
  • Steep learning curve: Some users find the platform a bit complex when first starting. It might take some time to understand the tools and features.
  • Low ticket items: Wholesale2B is focused on low ticket products and suppliers, not helpful if you’re looking to start a high ticket dropshipping business.

Overall Verdict

For those looking to diversify their dropshipping product range without juggling multiple suppliers, Wholesale2B can be a helpful tool – but beware of those monthly fees. And if you’re looking for high-quality items or to start a high ticket dropshipping business, this isn’t the right platform for you.

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a well-known online marketplace for buying and selling websites and online businesses.


  • Transparency: Empire Flippers provides a detailed breakdown of each business’s revenue and traffic sources. As a potential buyer, you’ll (hopefully) get a clear view of what you’re investing in.
  • Curated listings: Every business listed undergoes a thorough vetting process, meaning fewer low-quality or scam listings than other marketplaces.
  • Escrow service: For the security of both parties, Empire Flippers uses an escrow service during transactions. Funds are securely held until all terms of the sale are met.
  • A functional business: In theory, you’re buying a functioning business (not just a pre-built site or product/supplier access, which is the case in some of the other options covered in this post).


  • High fees: While the service offers many benefits, it comes at a price. Their fees can be relatively high compared to some other marketplaces.
  • Competitive marketplace: Due to the platform’s popularity, hot listings can get competitive, and valuable assets sell quickly.

Overall Verdict

Empire Flippers offers a trusted platform with a solid reputation, but potential users should prepare for hefty fees and lots of competition. And even though this marketplace does perform some vetting, always do your due diligence … we’ve heard horror stories from people who have purchased existing businesses that end up being total duds.


DropshipMe is a WordPress plugin that integrates with the WooCommerce platform and apparently simplifies the product sourcing process for dropshippers. The plugin provides users access to a curated list of 50,000+ low-ticket, handpicked products.


  • Curated product selection: The main appeal of DropshipMe is its product list. The team behind the plugin selects items based on quality and potential profitability.
  • Free initial products: Users can import up to 50 products for free, so you can test the waters before committing financially.


  • WooCommerce only: DropshipMe is exclusively designed for WooCommerce. While this ensures smooth operation for WooCommerce users, it’s not a good fit for any other Ecommerce platform.
  • Limited design options: You can’t change the structure of the templates or use third-party themes. DropshipMe will give you 3-5 design options related to your niche, and that’s it.
  • Short on support? As of this writing, the link to DropshipMe’s help center leads to “Page Not Found,” so we question whether there’s enough support for dropshippers.

Overall Verdict

DropshipMe curates potential best-sellers for dropshippers. It could be a valuable tool if you already use WooCommerce and want help sourcing products. But remember that design options are limited, and you may not get access to robust customer support during the import process.

DropshipForSale’s offerings include setting up both general and niche-specific stores, mainly tailored for Shopify. It’s on the pricier side, charging $1000 to set up a Shopify site for you, and then you’re locked into only their products and suppliers, plus paying a monthly fee, in addition to your Shopify membership.


  • Niche-specific options: The platform provides a variety of niche-specific stores, so you can choose a market you’re passionate about.
  • Transparent pricing: The website lays out clear pricing tiers for its offerings.


  • Copycat scam warning: Some reviewers reported that DropshipForSale plagiarized websites they sold to their customers, resulting in permanent Google bans.
  • Poor or nonexistent customer support: Many customers said contacting the customer service team was challenging.

Overall Verdict might appeal to you with its niche-specific options and transparent pricing, but we advise caution due to reports of plagiarized content and less-than-reliable customer support.


Brandafy sells turnkey dropshipping stores with products from AliExpress, so your choices will be mostly limited to low ticket items.


  • Fast setup: Your site can be up and running in under 48 hours.
  • Logo and branding design: Brandafy will create a custom logo and branding elements to help you stand out from competitors.
  • Facebook and WhatsApp integrated messaging​: Customers can send and receive support messages through these social platforms.


  • Spotty customer service: Brandafy seems to respond quickly to new customers, but if you’re having problems after the initial set-up, they may be slow to get back to you with answers and fixes.

Overall Verdict

Brandafy offers rapid setup for turnkey dropshipping stores with a focus on branding and integrated messaging. But be cautious of post-setup customer service challenges.

The Power of Building Your Own Dropshipping Store

When starting as a dropshipper, you’re not just setting up a store – you’re laying a foundation. 

Every decision you make, every product you select, and every strategy you implement reflects your vision. Building your own dropshipping store offers control, adaptability, and an in-depth understanding of your operations, not to mention cost savings. 

That’s why we highly recommend building your dropshipping business rather than buying one.

None of the pre-built options we covered in this article give you nearly as much potential for a serious, long-term business.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up for our free course, and we’ll teach you how to set up and launch your own high ticket dropshipping business in just 30 days – without having to shell out for a turnkey solution.

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