High Ticket Dropshipping 101
Everything You Need To Know In 2022

If you’ve purchased an item online, especially from somewhere like Amazon or eBay, you’ve likely come across dropshipping unknowingly.

Dropshipping comes in many forms, and in this article we’ll tell you what you need to know about high ticket dropshipping: what it is, why it’s important, and some common examples.

what is high ticket dropshipping?

What is high ticket dropshipping?

In the most basic sense, dropshipping is a basic method of fulfillment.

When a customer orders something from your eCommerce website, that order goes to a fulfillment partner or supplier and they will ship the product directly to the customer, rather than from your warehouse.

You don’t touch the product yourself, and it’s an easily repeatable process.

“Rather than your business holding stock and fulfilling orders from your warehouse, high ticket dropshipping allows you to do it from your supplier’s warehouse instead. You can start a business quickly and for a competitive low cost.” – Jon Warren

High ticket dropshipping, then, is exactly what you might expect: dropshipping with high ticket, high-priced products. We consider high-priced items to be any product that retails for $800 or more.

These high ticket items are likely to be already on the market, tried and tested, with an existing market eager to buy.

You’re selling products that already have a demand, reducing the need to spend loads of money to identify a market and create the appropriate fit and demand.

Plus, you’ll likely be listing and selling high-priced products from local suppliers directly from their warehouses, improving both fulfillment time and overall quality.

Simply put, high ticket dropshipping is a great way to give your customers excellent, expensive products they already want with little to no overhead on your part. You can learn more about the start-up cost of high ticket dropshipping right here.

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What are the benefits of high ticket dropshipping?

There are plenty of reasons high ticket dropshipping is the smart move for many businesses. Here are our favorites:

  1. The market and products are evergreen. It’s worth reiterating—high ticket products already have an existing demand. This means you have an existing market, that market is already looking for your product, and you don’t have to create a demand or spend a lot of money on ad campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

  2. It’s a low-risk business. Because of the structure of a high ticket dropshipping business, you can build a functioning business for less than $500. You’re not creating something new and investing a lot of time and money into something potentially risky; you’re entering the market with an existing, in-demand product and running your business in an economically friendly way.

  3. There’s a higher profit per order, while margins remain the same. When we say margin, we mean you sell a product for one price, and you’re buying it from your supplier for another, so the margin is the cost difference in between. That margin is always going to exist, so why not sell a higher-priced item and get more out of your dollar? You’ll hit your revenue goals much quicker with high ticket items than you will with low ticket items—and through less overall sales, too.

“The whole point of what we teach is not to sell a $30 item if we don’t have to when it’s just as easy to sell a $3000 item. The marketing is the same.” – Ben Knegendorf

Read this post to find out about the difference between high ticket and low ticket dropshipping.

What are some examples of high ticket dropshipping products?

All of this sounds great, but what products are considered high ticket? There can’t be that many, right?

Wrong! The possibilities are endless. The more you look around, the more you’ll find expensive items for high ticket dropshipping.

Here are some examples across multiple industries and purposes, some of which we’ve personally sold:

  • 3D printers
  • Standing desks
  • Chandeliers and other forms of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Steam showers
  • Air purifiers
  • Commercial trash cans
  • And more…


The sky’s the limit for your high ticket dropshipping business. You can learn more about finding profitable high ticket products right here. 

Key takeaways...

To get a high ticket dropshipping business off the ground, you’ll want at least one product you intend to sell, a website where you’ll sell them, and a fulfillment partner or supplier to help you with fulfillment and shipping to customers.

Getting into dropshipping doesn’t have to mean selling through Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress; it can be as unique and personal a process as you’d like it to be. 

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how to start a high ticket dropshipping business.

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